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Subsequently and according to the availability of the Family, a Home / Hospital / Health Care Unit Assessment will be scheduled, free of charge and without commitment.

In this visit, the Better Life Clinical Management, in addition to providing detailed information about the services available at the Company, identifies and evaluates the areas that need intervention, namely, tastes, habits and routines as well as the family, social and clinical situation. of the User.

Consequently, the Individual Care Plan (PIC) is prepared, which includes the schedule, frequency and services to be provided.

We are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year, weekends or holidays in periods daytime and/or nocturnal, short or long term temporary.

The Clinical Directorate systematically implements, monitors and controls the development of the activities of the Individual Care Plan (PIC), thus ensuring an adequate response to the needs of the Family.

Follow-up Plans

This context makes it possible to establish Personalized Home Support Plans, which can be translated into different levels of monitoring:

    • Base Monitoring – carried out in specific periods of hours to support hygiene and daily comfort, follow-up to medical appointments or support other occasional activities;

    • Extended Monitoring – translated into a regular, daily or weekly period of support for mobility, carrying out daily activities or other needs that are evident;

    • Permanent Monitoring – monitoring throughout the day and/or night, which can be carried out during the week and/or weekends, during vacations and as appropriate.